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ChatJS is a Facebook style chat library for ASP.NET applications.


  • Real time message sharing.
  • Automatically parses URLs and emoticons .
  • Automatically remembers opened windows across diferent requests (through cookies).
  • Triggers a sound notification when you receive a message.
  • Indicates when the other user is typing.
  • Supports user online and offline status.
  • Supports multiple chat rooms opened simultaneously with broadcast support.
  • Supports multiple browser windows opened with the same session. They all get properly sinchronized.
  • Customizable layouts. As ChatJS is composed of several jQuery components, it's possible to recombine them to create customizable layouts.
  • Customizable texts. You can easily translate it to your language.

How it works:

In the client, ChatJS is a set of jQuery plugins written in TypeScript. In the server, it's a simple .NET library. In order enable chat in your application, you just have to create a SignalR Hub implementing the IChatHub interface. It's really simple (Example).

ChatJS comes with a full server side implementation with database access using Entity Framework and SQL Server, but it's easy to implement your own server.

Please refer to the ChatJS 2.0 documentation for more information on how to get it implemented in your ASP.NET application.


ChatJS is licensed under the MIT license. You are free to use it, even commercially.


Please refer to the ChatJS documention for further information.

Getting started topics:

Getting help

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About the author

My name is André Pena. I'm a .NET developer from Brazil. I hope you will enjoy ChatJS as much as I enjoy developing it. You can contact me on Twitter or by e-mail.

Third Party:

ChatJS uses jQuery autosize by Jack Moore and emoticons by Aha.